Adventure Ready

With over 70 acres to explore, The Tawny is a destination for adventures. Discover over 5 miles of meandering pathways, taking you from fells to follies, through dense woodland, past shimmering lakes, and over hilly heartlands. Keep your eyes peeled for the wonderful array of wildlife and go beyond the grounds to discover even more wonders that await in the neighbouring nature reserve.


There are over 70 acres of stunning gardens filled with five languid pools, woodland, grasses, flora and fauna, all beautifully restored and waiting to be discovered. 

A Brief History

The gardens have a rich and interesting history. Originally influenced by the glaciers of the Ice Age, as most of the area has a layer of clay from a glacial moraine. In the time of King John the land was held by Sir William de Chetelton and in 1246, he granted the manor to Philip de Dracote; the family held the manor until the last direct male descendant died in 1698. 

Fast forward to the 20th century and Mr William Podmore took over the gardens, spending 50 years transforming the site, which by this time consisted of three huge pit banks, leftover from mining in the area.

Mr Podmore designed the original layout of the gardens with the numerous lakes and follies spread throughout the area, to be discovered and enjoyed by visitors.

In 2019, Two local families, passionate about safeguarding the future of the gardens embarked upon a joint venture, working with local conservation architects, their exciting plans for the site provide an economically viable and sustainable future for the gardens.

In 2021, The Tawny is revealed as the UK’s first deconstructed hotel, welcoming visitors from across the globe, eager enjoy the beauty of the incredible gardens.


Reading Spots

Sit back and relax with a good book, in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Sit in the shade beneath a Grand Fir tree on a majestic hillside, perch on the edge of the shimmering waters, or soak up the sounds of forest as you dive head-first into your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

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Eco Project

In addition to the 5 miles of pathways, lakes and follies to be discovered, The Tawny is the perfect place from which to explore the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands and Churnet Valley; with neighbouring walks through the RSPB Reserve, along the Caldon Canal and to the Churnet Valley Railway.

Nature Walks & Cycle Routes

It was essential that eco-friendliness was at the forefront of The Tawny from the very start. Materials used to build our incredible Huts, Lookouts, Treehouses, Boathouses and Retreats were carefully considered, based on their environmental impact. There is also no flood lighting or 'street' lighting of this precious landscape. Providing eco-baths and 'pinning' structures into the ground to prevent tree-root damage are just a couple of the many ways that we are making positive strides towards environmental sustainability.