Stargazing at the tawny hotel

Mindful Stargazing

Mindful Stargazing

at The Tawny

29th March - Sold Out

Mindful stargazing and meditation under the stars at The Tawny with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Stargazing mindfully means looking up at the night sky with wide-eyed curiosity and wonder. Wrap yourself in blankets enjoy hot chocolate and marshmallows while you immerse yourself with the starscape above.

Mindful stargazing is not about understanding scientific concepts or cosmological theories, reading star maps or using technology. It’s about developing a first-hand, experiential knowledge of what it is to ‘be’ in this vast Universe of ours. When we look up with curiosity and wonder, instead of the stars seeming cold, distant or irrelevant to our life here on Earth, we feel more in touch with the cosmos.

The Tawny was consciously designed with nature and very little light pollution in mind, come and enjoy the beautiful gardens on a March evening. Our expert will guide you through the experience and help you explore cosmic body meditation as well as constellations and their myths and a little bit about light and stars.

£45 per person.

The Tawny At Night...

The area is full of wildlife and very little light pollution making this the perfect spot to enjoy an evening under the stars.

We'll provide blankets as you immerse yourself in the night sky, if it's friends you're with or a romantic retreat take a moment to stop and enjoy the surroundings.

Hot Chocolate and marshmallows will keep you warm as you learn how to mindfully star gaze from our expert.

9th March start time 6.30pm 

29th March start time 7.00pm

*please arrive 15 minutes beforehand to give you time to wander through the gardens to the event location. Our Reception team will direct you.